21.11.2017 Recent trip to Ayutthaya

Wolfmen Chainat make an appearance at the annual Ayutthaya bike week !
14.03.2017 Birthday combo

Our Vice president Joe's birthday this year was combined with Chainats 1 year anniversary on 11/3/17 in Hangnamsakorn. About 150 guests from other MC's came and also chapters Chosen Few and Pattaya and Oceania President Gabi. Vice presi Joe and chapter Chainat would like to thank all those who attended and for the gifts, it was a great party and many new friendships were made.

19.02.2017 Burapa 2017

Another road trip to the annual bike week in Pattaya, thanks chapters Riverside and Rainau for coming !
09.02.2017 Happy Anniversary !!

March 2017 marked the 1 year anniversary of chapter Chainat,brothers from chapters Rainau, Riverside and Wolfblood MC all turned up for the event, we wish you all the best and thankyou for your support W.f.f.W
16.12.2016 Support club Wolfblood

The beginning of December 2016 started with the opening of our new support club "Wolfblood" based in nearby Nakhon Sawan, we wish them all the best! W.f.f.W
20.09.2016 Beni's Birthday Bash

On 18th of August, chapter Chainats president Beni celebrated his birthday. Chapter Nong Khai visited him with some members including Gabi (president Oceania). Thanks bro's , it was a nice party. Together with the members from Nong Khai, a small delegation from chapter Chainat went on 20th August to Pattaya to celebrate together the birthday of Johnny (president Renegade). There we met up with chapter Pattaya and we spent a nice time together. Thanks to Johnny for the party.

Angel's Place, darkside

Recent visit to the darkside, Angels Place, with chapter Pattaya !

Pictures and info coming soon, watch this space WffW
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